Go Live without going crazy

With WFX's unique implementation approach, proven methodologies, and global experience at over 450 fashion companies, we can get you live in as little as 90 days. If you’re like most fashion companies, you’ve probably been burned by at least one form of ERP/Apparel inventory software implementation and witnessed first-hand the hassles and difficulty in going live. If so, you’re going to love how easy and quick it is to start using WFX, cloud based fashion ERP, and the speed at which WFX delivers Return on Investment. WFX consultants are apparel industry experts and will help you cover everything you need to achieve success with your new WFX Cloud ERP software.

WFX Cloud ERP offers much more than a traditional apparel inventory software. Highly configurable and feature rich, WFX enables fashion companies to automate and streamline their manufacturing business from start to finish including finance, sales, production, shipping, and more. WFX Cloud ERP is also far easier to implement than complex traditional apparel inventory software systems. With no servers, installation, or software needed, WFX makes implementation straight forward and simple.

Industry Expertise

When you deal with WFX implementation consultants, technical engineers, support executives or even sales people, you get the best industry experts. You get to leverage our knowledge of best practices from successful fashion companies from across the globe. We match your company with the correct team of WFX consultants who have expertise not only in fashion, but also in the specific segment of the fashion industry you belong to (manufacturing, trading, sourcing or retail). Further hyper specialization based on product categories (women’s wear, home furnishings, knits, accessories, outerwear etc.) ensures that you not only learn how to use WFX apparel industry software effectively but also to improve the processes and overall health of your business.

WFX helps you determine the most effective enterprise configuration for your needs and your specific business model, then guide you through configuration, training, and establish an effective deployment strategy that is driven by results.


Being a cloud based fashion ERP, WFX ensures its customers are ensured a timely and successful deployment with training designed around industry-standard project management methodologies. No two training programs are identical, like no two businesses or customers are identical, even if from the same industry and segment. WFX devises a training program specifically for your organization keeping your goals, resources and individual people’s abilities in mind.

Every WFX training session is driven by documented best practices derived from both industry-proven techniques as well as from years of client successes. WFX's in-house staff supports client roll-outs with experience and full accountability. We use repeatable, proven methodologies that ensures implementation success for all our customers.

Results Driven Approach

We understand that fashion companies implement enterprise software not simply for the sake of using software but to achieve business goals. This is why WFX consults with customer's management and stakeholders to define goals and objectives important to their business and devises an implementation plan to meet them.

Our rollout plan is also customized keeping in mind the customer’s unique business and organizational environment (business model, locations, size, country and culture). This results driven approach ensures that both WFX and the customer have defined and quantifiable objectives to measure success and deliver high ROI.

Onsite Training

Onsite training takes place at the customer's premises, and is specific to the needs of each customer. Trained WFX consultants work closely with management, stakeholders, end-users and departments to ensure that the solution is rolled out successfully across your organization. Continuous support following the training allows your company to begin using the solution quickly and efficiently enabling you to achieve the highest ROI.

Online Instructor-Led Training

Get the advantages of live instructor training without the expense and disruption of travel. WFX cloud fashion ERP’s training programs are especially developed to be easy enough for online training too. Our domain-specialists use collaborative web conferencing to train and guide your teams until they are fully proficient. To access your custom training sessions, all you need is an internet connection and a phone line/head-set for session audio.